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Industrial painting services

DecoPainters offers a number of industrial painting solutions to Calgary and area. Industrial painting differs from other types of painting because it involves the use of industrial solvents, chemicals and other hazards that must be handled by professionals that are fully trained to work with industrial paints.

Industrial painting is a specialized area of painting that focuses on the long term performance of protecting your assets. We achieve this by using specialty products that are designed for industrial applications that meet the specific requirements of what we are painting. We are fully trained to properly prepare surfaces prior to painting by having them sandblasted (if applicable), and understand how different materials react to being painted. Aluminum for example must be sanded to get rid of surface contaminants and washed with a special cleanser before priming; or fiberglass for example, must be cleaned with a polar charged cleaning solution (like alcohol) to remove polar charged contaminants.

All of our products are applied by spraying with either an airless sprayer or HVLP system (depending on desired finish). We build up our primer and top-coat to a minimum coat thickness that has been specified by the manufacturer to meet performance guidelines. By doing this, we can ensure a quality finish that’s consistent with industry standards.

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  • Calgary powerline tool refinishing

    Joe Seaborne–has been fully trained and specializes in refinishing fiberglass powerline tools. He has refinished thousands of AB Chance and Hastings fiberglass tools and has the knowledge and experience to fully refinish any type of hotstick or fiberglass insulating tool such as; Shotguns, ratchet cutters, wire cutters, pole tongs, wire holders, universal extension arms and anything listed in the AB Chance or Hastings product line of powerline tools.

    Our powerline refinishing services start by thoroughly inspecting your tools for cracks or damages. Once we’ve established that your tool is in a repairable condition we take note of any repairs that need to be done before moving on. Things we look for are cracks, structural damage, age, prior repair work and general functionality.

    Next we remove all the parts and label them. This is to ensure that the specific tool is paired with its original parts. Once we have all the parts removed we can sand off the old paint while taking care not to remove any of the fiberglass underneath. Every tool is coated with two coats of endura EX-2C polyurethane top-coat. This is the best coating for powerline tools because it offers superior moisture and UV protection. Then we wash and clean all original parts while doing a second inspection and make repairs if necessary. The final step is to reassemble your powerline tool and do a final inspection for functionality. For liability reasons we do not offer dielectric testing, however we can have your tools tested through a third party if needed.

    Fiberglass jibb gelcoat repairs

    We do non structural refinishing of gel coated jibbs by filling in damaged areas with a special filler designed for this very purpose. Next we sand the gel coat smooth and apply two coats of marine grade gel coat. Once dry we measure the diameter of the jibb to ensure it’s the proper dimension and polish smooth.

    We are so confident in our powerline tool painting services that if your tool fails to pass inspection or dialectic testing, our work is free of charge.

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    Calgary steel painting services

    Steel has many benificial characteristics, however one of its major drawbacks is the fact that it rusts almost immediately. Painting steel with epoxy polyurethane is a good choice because it's cost effective and offers good moisture and UV protection. Another reason to paint steel with epoxy polyurethane is because water will eventually work its way underneath the coating (no matter how it's coated) and begin to rust. Epoxy polyurethane is easy to sandblast, making it cost effective when it comes time to refinish, while powder coating for example is extremely difficult to remove and almost never worth refinishing because it’s very expensive to sandblast.

    We begin by coating sandblasted steel with two thick coats of Endura primer in order to properly prime the surface and fill in pitting. Next we apply two or more top coats of Endura EX-2C Epoxy Polyurethane. Endura is made in Alberta and in our opinion the leader in industrial coatings.

    Common industrial things we paint are:

  • Off road truck parts such as; roof racks, steel bumpers, winch mounts, rock cages, steel rims, hitches, step bars, steel handles and anything else that’s designed for off road use.

  • Tractor and agricultural parts

  • Water tanks

  • Metal framing

  • Steel gates and fences

  • Cow feeders

  • Metal tools

  • Steel poles
  • Calgary | High River | Okotoks | Airdrie mobile industrial painting

    Our mobile industrial painting services make it easy for us to come out and have your project painted quickly. Our van is equipped with everything needed to apply industrial paint without having to unpack. We can simply pull up and pull out our sprayer hose and start painting.

    Off site industrial painting

    We can spray smaller items in our paint booth (up to 200lb) or for larger items we can paint them off site at our spray tent that sits on five acres of land just outside of Red Deer.