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Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing

Calgary's most dependable kitchen cabinet refinishers

We’re passionate about kitchen cabinet refinishing!

What makes us so good at what we do is the fact that we love what we do. Nothing’s more satisfying than completing a project to the best of your ability and having pride in your work.

Oftentimes it’s the finer details that matter the most, and also what sets us apart from our competition. We set our expectations high because we care about what we do and simply want the best for our customers.

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We take care of your home


  • Floors protected
  • Area tarped off
  • Rhino board under fridge
  • Rhino board under stove
  • Cabinets masked off
  • Proper ventilation
  • Dust control
  • Signage
  • Valuables covered
  • Clean

  • No tools laying around
  • Frequent cleaning
  • No garbage
  • No empty paint cans
  • Ladders put away
  • Indoor footwear
  • Garbage taken off-site
  • Clean attire
  • No hazzards
  • Professional

  • No loud music
  • Company uniform
  • No unprofessional language
  • Respectfull
  • Good character
  • Criminal background check
  • Covid vaccinated
  • Professionally trained
  • Customer first
  • Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing

    We use durable coatings that last a lifetime!

    We’re equipped to spray industrial coatings that go on smoother and last longer than regular paint.

    All of our kitchen cabinet doors are done off-site in our professional spray booth, where we can control things like dust, temperature and humidity.

    All of our kitchen cabinet doors are sprayed with industrial grade primer.

    All of our kitchen cabinet doors are top-coated with lacquer or conversion varnish. We also offer low VOC options depending on customer preference.

    We offer industrial grade primer or low VOC options. for interior spraying.

    We offer lacquer/conversion varnish or low VOC options for interior spraying.

    We Make Painting Easy!


    Contact us by phone or online.


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    Free colour consultation and paint sampling before we begin.


    We'll paint your project to perfection and on-time.


    We promise complete customer satisfaction when we're finished!

    Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing

    Our process of kitchen cabinet refinishing

    When refinishing kitchen cabinets it’s extremely important to do things right the first time because it’s much harder to go back and fix something that's been poorly done!

    We’ve taken the time to fully understand the process of kitchen cabinet refinishing, and work hard to make sure we do the best job possible.

    Our process results in durable cabinets that look beautiful for years to come.

    We start with a free color consultation and figure out a product that works best for you, next we;

  • Protect your home by covering the floors with construction paper and mask off everything not being painted.

  • Label and remove your kitchen cabinet doors for refinishing at our shop.

  • We then thoroughly clean, fill holes with filler, sand and caulk around your cabinet boxes.

  • Next we put up a plastic barrier from floor to ceiling to contain dust and overspray.

  • We then apply epoxy primer to hard to paint surfaces and sand smooth.

  • Your cabinets are sprayed with two coats of primer then sanded smooth.

  • Then we spray two layers of top-coat, sanding between coats.

  • We then reinstall your cabinet doors and hardware.

  • Next, we clean your home and make it as if we were never there.
  • Now you’re ready to enjoy your kitchen cabinets at a fraction of the cost of replacing them.


    Common questions about kitchen cabinet refinishing

    Q.What is lacquer? A. Lacquer is a low viscosity solvent based coating that dries very quickly and can be recoated multiple times within a short period of time. Lacquer sprays on smoothly and dries hard, making it a great choice for woodwork.

    Q.Do all Calgary painters refinish cabinets the same? A. No, not all painting companies do things the same way or use the same products. Before choosing a painting company, it’s important to understand their process and what products they use.

    Q.What are wood stains? A. Tannins are brownish stains that bleed through the paint, typically when painting redwood or cedar but can occur with any species of wood especially over knots.

    Q.What color options do I have? A. Any color you want! There are literally thousands of colors to choose from, the hardest part is deciding on one.

    Q.Can you hide wood grains? A. It’s very difficult to completely hide wood grains. Sanding and fillers help smooth out the surface but you will still be able to see the wood's texture.

    Q.Is it possible to drill holes for new handles? A. Yes, it’s very easy to drill new holes and fill old ones. We use a non shrinking filler to make sure the old holes wont be visible.

    What are the most popular colors? A. The most common colors we see are variations of light gray, white, cream and pastels.

    Q.How long does it take the paint to cure? A. Your cabinets will be dry within a few hours but can take up to a month to fully cure. During this time it’s important to be gentle and wait about a month before washing.