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Calgary kitchen cabinet refinishing

Airdrie kitchen cabinet painting

Kitchen cabinet painting is a cost effective way to make a big impact on your kitchen without breaking the bank.

Throughout the years it’s only normal for cabinets to show their age, or simply fall victim to modern design.

The good news is that a fresh looking new kitchen is only a paint job away!

With many colors and gloss levels to choose from and an array of specialty wood coatings, it's amazing what a quick paint job can do.

About our kitchen cabinet painting services.

We specialize in painting both new and pre-existing kitchen cabinets. Our focus is high quality cabinet painting with an emphasis on customer satisfaction.

We are a locally owned, family business and have invested significantly in kitchen cabinet painting and refinishing. We are equipped to offer both on-site and off-site cabinet spraying using the latest tools, techniques, and quality products.

Our off-site spraying is done at our custom spray shop that is fully equipped with a professional grade spray system designed specifically for painting cabinets.

Our on-site spraying is when we bring the shop to you! We have a full range of portable sprayers and equipment designed for spraying inside your home. All of our portable spray equipment is designed to minimize dust and be as quiet as possible, that way we can get the job done as smoothly as possible.

Choosing a company to paint your kitchen cabinets?

Choosing the right painting company to refinish your cabinets can be a daunting task. There are literally hundreds of painting companies to choose from, each having their own way of managing projects and methods of painting.

Not everyone knows exactly what to look for when shopping around for a company to paint their cabinets. The best advice I could give anyone is to talk to a few different companies to get a good understanding of what they are about and what to expect.

Some common questions you might ask while shopping around are:

Any legitimate painting company that knows how to properly paint kitchen cabinets should have no trouble answering any of these questions. Communication is extremely important for any home improvement project, so the first step is to get out there and ask questions!

Why choose us to paint your kitchen cabinets?

Because we genuinely care about every one of our customers. To us it’s more than just another project, we aim for perfection in every aspect of what we do. Cabinet painting is difficult because it takes a high level of concentration and effort to achieve flawless results. Our personal expectation is 100% effort each and every day!

We can confidently tell our customers to get out there and shop around because we know that nobody does a better job of painting kitchen cabinets than us.

Kitchen cabinet painting is what we specialize in, meaning we are completely focused on providing our customers with the best cabinet painting services anyone has to offer.

We only use the highest quality products that are specifically designed for painting cabinets.

We’ve done our research by talking to industry leading professionals about what products to use and how to use them. It’s not enough to simply purchase the most expensive paint these days, it takes training and knowledge to fully understand what you are doing.

We have been painting cabinets for over 15 years.

You can have all the knowledge in the world, and that's great, but spray painting is also an art that takes a while to get good at. It usually takes a couple years to get good at spraying, so it’s important to hire someone with experience.

When choosing us to paint your kitchen cabinets you know you are getting your cabinets sprayed by someone with enough experience to lay down a professional finish.

Professional cabinet painting at competitive prices.

I can’t say for certain who the cheapest painter is; however, I can say with confidence that we are a high quality painting company that provides professional results for a reasonable price.

Cabinet doors/panels $70.00 each

Man doors $100.00 each

Cabinet boxes priced separately but average between $1500.00 to $2500.00

Our cabinet painting process.

Our cabinet painting process has been systematically developed to provide our customers with the best cabinet painting available. Our process has been standardized so you know exactly what to expect. The first step is to reach out to us for a free estimate and color consultation, next we will;

  1. Schedule a project start date that best meets your schedule.

  2. Remove all the cabinets, doors and panels for off-site spraying at our shop.

  3. Prepare your house for on-site spraying by carefully tarping off and covering everything not being sprayed with masking paper.

  4. We will sand, clean and fill damaged pieces as part of the repairing process.

  5. Once repairing is complete, we spray a bonding primer, which is built-up to further fill in and smooth out the surface prior to painting.

  6. Next we spray multiple thin coats of waterborne lacquer while sanding between coats for a smooth finish.

  7. Once finished we clean up and put everything back to the way it was before we started.

  8. The final and last step is to re-install the kitchen cabinet doors and boxes. Then it's time for you to enjoy your new cabinets.

What type of paint do we use:

Painted wood has to look smooth and have exceptional durability. Cabinets get used a lot and are subject to wear and tear. Because of this it’s important to choose a coating that not only looks good but durable.

Painting kitchen cabinets requires two types of coatings; primer, and topcoat.

Primer is used to bond paint to a surface and applied prior to painting. When priming cabinets you want the best adhesion possible for a long lasting paint job. We use Sherwin Williams extreme bonding primer for its outstanding adhesion qualities, which can be sanded down to a smooth base coat for painting.

Our paint of choice is Kem Aqua lacquer for its smooth look and durability. Kem Aqua lacquer is made from acrylic polymers and propylene solvents, which make it harder and more durable than latex, and finer than urethane. Kem Aqua lacquer is KCMA certified for kitchen cabinet painting and meets or exceeds certification.

Previous cabinet painting projects in Airdrie:

Airdrie cabinet painting project We were called out to assess and go over a house that required cabinet painting on Coopers Close. This particular project required cabinet painting both on-site and off-site, as well as bathroom vanity painting and some railings and a fireplace mantel painted.

Everything in this house was in good condition; however, the oak was dated and needed some modernizing prior to selling.

All of the cabinet doors and panels were sprayed off-site at our spray shop with pre catalyzed lacquer which is a solvent based coating designed for extra durability. We were able to meet with the homeowner after hours to label and transport all the doors and panels back to the shop for spraying. Once complete we let them sit in the shop on the drying racks to further cure while we got started on the interiors.

The on-site spraying of the cabinet boxes, vanity, and mantel required a little refinishing but overall they were still in really good condition. We sprayed the cabinet boxes with a high build primer to fill in all the oak grains, then finished everything off with Kem Aqua lacquer for a durable finish.

Airdrie cabinet painting project The homeowner decided to go with a different color for the railings because he wanted some contrast between the cabinets and railings. After sanding down and repairing all the damaged areas, we sprayed the railings with the same high build primer that the cabinets were sprayed with, then finished them off with gray pigmented Kem Aqua lacquer.

Once the on-site painting was complete we re-installed all the cabinet doors and boxes, then did a thorough cleaning to ensure the house was spotless.

The homeowner also had the kitchen tiles and countertops replaced; however, that was done by another service provider.

Airdrie cabinet painting project

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